This is a list of items we provide together with its respective supplier. If you would have any questions regarding the products, do send it in via the enquiry form.
Wellhead Completion
API 6A Gate Valves
API 6A Gate Actuators
Replacement Parts


Safoco SAMI API-6A Surface Safety Valve with a Self Contained
Hydraulic Control Unit
API 6A Chokes & Choke Trim
- Needle
- Cage
- Disc
Flow Back Equipment
- Plug Valves
- Flow Iron
- Manifolds
Safety Relief Valves


Pigging Valves
- Shutoff Pigging Valve
- Bypass Pigging Valve

Casing Valves

Threaded Ball Valves

Check Valves
- Swing Check Valve
- Ball Check Valve


Safety Relief Valves
Back Pressure Regulators
Pilot Safety Relief Valves
Control Choke Valves
Liquid Level Indicators
Electronic Gauges
Plugs and Probes


Valves & Regulators
- Accessories
- Actuators
- I/P Transducers
- Positioners
- Regulators
- Relief Valves
- Rotary Valves
- Sliding-Stem Valves

Instrumentation & Controls
- Accessories
- Controllers
- Flowmeters
- I/P Transducers
- Indicators
- Positioners
- Recorders
- Transmitters

Hydrostatic Liquid Head Indicator Switch
Electric Controls
Relief Valves
Chemical Pumps
Valves Data
Diaphragm Two-way valves, Double seated valves
Float Nose / Level Operated Valves
Line Blinds
Diaphragm back Pressure Valves
Throttling / Cloke Valves
Check Valves



Liquid Level Controller
Pressure Controller
Liquid Level Switches
Liquid Level Gauges
  Chambers and Domes
Control Valves Regulators
Piston Check Valves and Norris Butterfly Valves


Actuators and controls
Type 1031 heavy scotch-yoke actuator


Hydraulic Interface Valves
Quick Exhaust Valves
Fusible Valves
Pressure Sensors
Relief Valves

Manual Reset Relays
Check Valves
Accessories - (Accumulators, Reservoir Vent Caps, Orifices & ESD Valves)
Control Systems

Solenoid Valves for automation and industrial instrumentation and general purpose applications for liquid and gaseous media.
Manual reset solenoid valves for safety applications
Available 2,3,and 5 ways (2 or 3 positions) directacting, indirect acting, pilot operated and manual rest 2,3 and 5 ways (2 or 3 positions) air operated.
Connections threaded GAS (ISO 7.1, NPT, Namur or Flanged up to DN 100 for 2 ways manual rese solenoid valves.)
IP65, ATEX II 1/2 GD EEx-dc IIB T6 IP67, EEx-dc IIC T6 IP67
Pressure Relief Valves
Vacuum Relief Valves
Process Line Valves
Actuation Control Valves
Excess Flow Valves
Check / Vent Valves
Isolation / Diverter Valves
Gauges / Instrumentation
Triple Offset Valves
Customized Products 
Excess Flow Valves
Isolation / Diverter Valves
Safety Shutoff Valves / Relief Valves
Test Inserts / Pipe Covers
Valve / Pump Packing